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Can You Block The Serve in Volleyball? - Volley-Pedia

In volleyball, you’re not allowed to block the serve directly. Even for those of you tall enough to do it while standing, you’re not allowed to spike the ball back from above the height of the net, either. That was the standard answer I would give, but it took me some time to appreciate how important the question is.

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You can’t spike or block a serve. However, players can directly return a serve, for example, if they have made a mistake receiving the ball. Why is it illegal not to block or spike on a serve? FIVB in their rules says that it’s illegal to block and spike on a serve, but they don’t tell us why. I think we should use our imagination and ask ourselves what would happen if we could win points in such a way.

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Yes, in beach volleyball, you’re not allowed to block or spike the ball off the of the initial serve. Who is eligible as a blocker in volleyball? In volleyball, not every player is permitted to block.The defensive players who play on the first line, known as the third meter line (or 10 feet line), always combine a block.It is possible to have one, two, or three blockers.

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Can You Block Or Attack A Serve In Volleyball? When the ball is above the top of the net, you’re not allowed to block or attack a serve, according to the official rules from the FIVB – if the ball isn’t above the top of the net, complete an attack hits directly. However, to stop an attack from the opposing team legally.

Volleyball: Can the players block a serve? | Sports FAQ

The receiving team can’t block or attack the serve. Basically, the answer to the question “can a player block a serve in volleyball?” is NO, the players on the receiving team are not allowed to directy block an opponent’s service. According to the FIVB official rules, no player is allowed to attack or block a serve when the ball still is entirely above the top of the net.

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The answer is that yes, it is illegal to block or spike the serve in volleyball. The rules are very clear about this they’re designed that way to promote an overall enjoyable and competitive game. The rules for volleyball are governed by the FIVB and you can download a copy of them for yourself at this link: FIVB English Rules .

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Answer (1 of 4): It is illegal to block a service in volleyball. Don’t do it. The only things you can block are returns over the net, or a hit from the back or front row. If you even attempt to block a service, you can be called for it by the officials. If you are front row and the ball is not c...

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No you can't. Not according to FIVB and USA volleyball block rules. Players aren't allowed to block the serve either in doubles or the traditional six-man game. The ball has to be allowed to enter into the opposing team's court before the rally can begin. 3.