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Trained Goldfish Playing Soccer! - YouTube

Trained goldfish Albert Einstein playing a game of underwater soccer. Albert is the current Guinness World Record holder for trained pet fish with the most t...

Trained Goldfish Plays Soccer - YouTube

http://www.r2fishschool.com Goldfish trained using the R2 Fish School kit shows off his soccer skills. To learn more http://www.r2fishschool.com

Goldfish Playing Soccer - Image Results

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Goldfish Playing Soccer? What?!?! - Florida Tech News

Goldfish dumb? No way. Goldfish playing soccer! Hands-on behavior analysis graduate students who train them and treat them in Florida Tech’s aquatic operant conditioning lab, where goldfish learn behaviors through reinforcement. In the cobalt blue operant tank, students use a food wand to draw the fish to a soccer ball.

Chinese man trains goldfish to play football - YouTube

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: https://sc.mp/subscribe-youtubeA man from China’s Guangdong province has turned his fish tank into a football...

Unbelievable! Chubby Lanshou Goldfish Playing in Soccer Field ...

Original video link: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/6406160231

This fellow trained his goldfish to play soccer | Boing Boing

This fellow trained his goldfish to play soccer. Yang Tianxin created a tiny aquatic soccer stadium in a fish tank, then spent half a year training his Ranchu goldfish to shoot a ball into the ...

Lola the Goldfish Playing Soccer! - YouTube

Have to see it to believe it.This was my science fair project.I purchased this kit off of r2fishschool.com.And that long blue/pink tip piece is the food wand...

IMPORTANT SPORTS DEVELOPMENT: Fish can play soccer - SBNation.com

A lady used a stick-type feeding device to lure the fish toward a small soccer ball, and this goldfish actually nudged the ball toward the goal. Further YouTube research proved that fish playing ...

Toys For Goldfish & How To Train Goldfish For Them - Pond Wiki

A miniature goal post set up in the aquarium and mini soccer can be the source of enjoyment for your goldfish. A little training period is enough for your intellectual goldfish. R2 Fish School Complete Fish Training Kit | Click Image To Check It On Amazon